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Brainwash TV pilot

Brainwash TV pilot
Brainwash Films
Produced & Directed by Jesse Block; executive producer: Dave Krzysik

The Octalouie team completed a pilot for the new television show titled BRAINWASH. Produced by the people behind the BRAINWASH MOVIE FESTIVAL, this new television series will showcase some of the most exciting new independent short films. Two of the talents currently slated to host this program include Hal Robins, whose credits include TNN’s “Conspiracy Zone,” the Sub-Genius organization, and numerous underground comic books, joined by Ed Holmes, a multi-faceted individual whose work has graced the San Francisco Mime Troupe, the First Church of the Last Laugh, and various motion picture/television endeavors. Jesse Block directed the pilot for this program, and executive producer Dave Krzysik is currently reviewing options for distribution.

The Smithereens – Live at Red Devil Lounge

Concert Vault LLC, executive producer Craig Larson
Produced & Directed by Jesse Block
Reuniting with the City by the Bay after too many years away, The Smithereens marked their return appearance with two sold-out shows at the Red Devil Lounge. Working in conjunction with Concert Vault LLC, the Octalouie team was recruited to produce a concert video of this very special event. Promoting their new release, a Beatles-inspired CD entitled “Meet the Smithereens,” this concert was a lively mix of their hit recordings, under-rated album tracks, and covers of songs known and loved by millions. With barely any room to move, Octalouie principals Block and Predoehl overcame sardine-like conditions to shoot some spectacular footage with four HDTV cameras.

This production was shown on CONCERT.TV, an on-demand television network that specializes in live performances, documentaries and unique originals for subscribers of Comcast, Cox, Insight, Charter and many other digital cable services.

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BET Jazz Central TV show

John Lee Hooker photo © Eric Predoehl

BET Jazz Central TV show
Executive Producer: BET Network
Location Production Team: Jesse Block & Eric Predoehl
Production period: 1994- 2000

Hank Ballad photo © Eric Predoehl

One of the few contemporary television programs to highlight jazz music, “Jazz Central” on the BET network provided a regular forum for this great American art form. The Octalouie team provided support for this show, assembling crews for ongoing productions at their home base in San Francisco, as well as remotes from New York and New Orleans. The Octalouie team was honored to work on episodes that featured Betty Carter, Abby Lincoln, John Lee Hooker, David Brubeck, Gerry Mulligan, Chick Corea, Tootie Heath, Milt Jackson, Miles Perkins, Hank Ballard, Dave Ellis, Charlie Hayden, David Sanbourn, and Mal Sharpe, to name but a few.