Hot Tuna- 25 Years & Runnin’ / Live at Sweetwater

Hot Tuna- 25 Years & Runnin’ / Live at Sweetwater
Executive Producers: Hot Tuna, KQED-PBS
Produced & Directed by Jesse Block
Production period: 1992

Hot Tuna- Sweetwater DVDMany years before MTV utilized the “Unplugged” formula to showcase musical acts in acoustic settings, Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady travelled a similar path, diverging from their respective roles in the Jefferson Airplane group to create an acoustic alternative that would be known as Hot Tuna. Exploring a twenty-five year legacy, this concert documentary is the first of two programs to focus on Hot Tuna, using the intimate Sweetwater Saloon of Mill Valley, California as a backdrop for their story. Octalouie director Jesse Block created this program back in 1992, utliizing Octalouie partner Eric Predoehl on handheld camera for this intimate portrait.

Produced in conjunction with San Francisco’s PBS affiliate station KQED, this program is widely available on DVD, VHS, 8-track, Super8 and zoetrope.

Hey block, you reading this? Just checkin…

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