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The Invisible Worlds of Dr. Stanley Krippner

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The Invisible Worlds of Dr. Stanley Krippner,” a new documentary by Jesse Block will tell the story of Dr. Krippner’s maverick journey through the realms of the paranormal, providing a look at researches and into insights on topics such as telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, dreams and dreaming, shamanism and anomalous healing and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Krippner has traveled every continent to participate in mind altering tribal ceremonies or investigate psychic claimants.

Mill Valley Film Festival 2010 Trailer

Mill Valley Film Festival
Executive Producer: Mr. X
Production team
Production period: 2010


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B.R. Cohen Winery


(more words to come….)

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Monterey Jazz Festival

Monterey Jazz Festival
Executive Producer: Monterey Jazz Festival, McCune Audio Video
Director: Jesse Block & Eric Predoehl
Production period: 2002- current

If you’ve attended any of the Monterey Jazz Festivals in the past few years, you’ve probably seen some of Jesse’s work, as he’s been directing television for the big screen there since 2002, which included some unforgetable performances by Sonny Rollins, David Brubeck, Diana Krall, Herbie Hancock and Ornette Coleman, to name but a few.

Here’s a little web-advertisement Jesse produced for the Monterey Jazz Festival to promote a special performance…

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Dark Star Orchestra – Live in San Francisco

The Dark Star Orchestra- Live in San Franciso
Concert Vault LLC, executive producer Craig Larson
Produced & Directed by Jesse Block
Audio engineering by Betty Cantor-Jackson

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The John Handy project

John Handy

In 1965, John Handy recorded an album that inspired an ocean of adjectives by jazz writers all over the world. “Live at Monterey” was the album that drew overwhelming praise for alto saxophonist John Handy and a quintet that included violinist Michael White, guitarist Jerry Hahn, bassist Don Thompson, and drummer Terry Clarke. Some 30 years later, the band reunited at a special performance at the Storyville nightclub in San Francisco, and Octalouie producer Jesse Block decided to use this moment as a focal point for a new music documentary. As a superb musical performance captured with multiple camera angles, digital multi-track audio, and insightful interviews with the band members, this program promises to be yet another amazing addition to the archives of recorded music.

John Cipollina Recoil 3-DVD Box Set

John Cipollina Recoil 3-DVD Box Set
Cippoina Family Trust
Produced by Jesse Block

The long-out-of-print documentary on ‘John Cipollina- Electric Guitarslinger‘ directed by Jesse Block and Jim Draper shall soon be released for the first time on DVD. ‘Recoil,” a 3-DVD set box will include this documentary, and a lot of previously unavailable music and interviews.

This 3 DVD box set provides an almost six hour journey through the Rock ‘n Roll life and music of John Cipollina. Along with the one-hour re-mastered “Electric Guitarslinger” documentary, this captivating documentary features interviews with Jerry Garcia, Bill Graham, Barry Melton, David Freiberg, Nick Gravenites, Gary Duncan, Nicky Hopkins, Greg Douglass, Merl Saunders, Dan Healy, Terry Dolan, Martin Fierro, Rocky Sullivan, Joel Selvin, Charlie Deal, Michael and Mario Cipollina and more. Also included are interviews with John Cipollina from 1984 and 1989.

The Concert DVD includes 19 previously unreleased songs performed by Quicksilver Messenger Service, Copperhead, Link Wray, Thunder & Lightning, Terry & The Pirates and Dinosaurs.

John Cipollina: Recoil is a limited edition release, with a one-time only 2000 unit printing.

It can be purchased directly from the website.

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Brainwash TV pilot

Brainwash TV pilot
Brainwash Films
Produced & Directed by Jesse Block; executive producer: Dave Krzysik

The Octalouie team completed a pilot for the new television show titled BRAINWASH. Produced by the people behind the BRAINWASH MOVIE FESTIVAL, this new television series will showcase some of the most exciting new independent short films. Two of the talents currently slated to host this program include Hal Robins, whose credits include TNN’s “Conspiracy Zone,” the Sub-Genius organization, and numerous underground comic books, joined by Ed Holmes, a multi-faceted individual whose work has graced the San Francisco Mime Troupe, the First Church of the Last Laugh, and various motion picture/television endeavors. Jesse Block directed the pilot for this program, and executive producer Dave Krzysik is currently reviewing options for distribution.

Chet Fest – A Tribute to the Life of Chet Helms at Great American Music Hall

Chet Fest – A Tribute to the Life of Chet Helms at Great American Music Hall
Great American Music Hall  / Concert Vault LLC, executive producer Craig Larson
Produced & Directed by Jesse Block

When rock promoter Chet Helms passed away in 2005, it was a very sad day in San Francisco. Considered by many as the father of the Summer of Love festivals of 1967, Chet oversaw Family Dog Productions, and was directly responsible for bringing Janis Joplin from Texas to California, where she became famous as the lead singer of Big Brother & the Holding Company. To celebrate his passing, a big tribute concert was assembled at the Great American Music Hall on July 29, 2005, featuring a lot of musicians that credited Chet for much of their success, including members of the Grateful Dead, the Jefferson Airplane, and Big Brother & the Holding Company. With a keen pulse for the good stuff, the Octalouie team was solicited to document this event for posterity, producing some excellent video programming that will eventually be distributed to celebrate the legacy of this great human being.