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Bill Haley’s Original Comets Rock Around the Clock- Live!

Bill Haley’s Original Comets Rock Around the Clock- Live!
BMP Productions in conjunction with Octalouie, executive producers Brian Martin and Alan Parowski
Produced & Directed by Eric Predoehl

It’s not often that one gets a chance to work with bona fide music legends, so the Octalouie team jumped at a chance to work with the band that backed Bill Haley over 50 years ago. “Rock Around the Clock” was the first rock and roll record ever purchased by millions of people, including John Lennon, who was inspired by this music to form the Beatles. The Octalouie team was honored to work with these energetic grandfathers of rock, who demonstrated that age is no detriment to those that love this music. Eric Predoehl directed and edited this program with Octalouie partner Jesse Block. Aron Ranen was brought as a third camera operator, and Marcus Buick oversaw audio production. Working closely with executive producers Brian Martin and Alan Parowski, the Octalouie team is proud to present a powerful document of the Original Comets that we hope will be released soon for the DVD market.

Marshall Lytle’s Page / The Original Comets

Todd Rundgren – Live In San Francisco

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Todd Rundgren performed live at Maritime Hall in San Francisco in 2000, and our guy Jesse Block was given the opportunity to direct the video. Available at all the usual outlets, the DVD of this show includes such songs as I Hate My Frickin ISP, Yer Fast, Black and White, Number 1 Lowest Common Denominator, Open My Eyes, Trapped, Love in Action, Bang the Drum All Day, Temporary Insanity, Medley: Mystified/Broke Down and Busted, Buffalo Grass, and more!

Studio: Alchemedia Productions in conjunction with Image Entertainment
Director: Jesse Block
Release Date: Jun 11, 2002
Running Time: 81 Minutes

Dan Hicks’ Birthday Party at Warfield

Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks
Executive Producer: Dave Kaplan / Surfdog Records
Associate Producer + Technical Director: Jesse Block
Production period: 2002-2003

Dan Hicks DVD
It was a very special night in December 2002 when Dan Hicks‘ 60th birthday was celebrated in a grandiose style at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. An all-star cast of friends, featuring various members of Dan’s past and present bands, joined their friend to celebrate with an unforgettable night of memories, stories, and magnificent music.

Octalouie principal Jesse Block was brought as associate producer & technical director for video production of this event, coordinating camera operations and technical logistics.

Octalouie principal Eric Predoehl also worked on this production, credited on the DVD as one of the live audio engineers.