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Pena Pachamama

Pena Pachamama
Executive Producer: Quentin Navia
Producer & Director: Eric Predoehl
Production period: 2007-current

Pena Pachamama ”One of those magical places… a little island of the future where those who enter her doors are forever transformed by the spirit of the music and dance that takes them in.

After three decades of touring internationally, renown Bolivian composer & musician Eddy Navia and Sukay‘s founder Quentin Navia have established a home at Pena Pachamama, a world music center dedicated to Pachamama, the living Mother Earth. Joined by other great musical groups, musicians and dancers, they create a little piece of South American carnaval all year long.

Octalouie producer Eric Predoehl has produced a wealth of video clips for Pena Pachamama, and created the official YouTube channel for the Pena Pachamama community.

Here’s a few sample clips….