The Meaning of Louie

THE MEANING OF LOUIE is an epic documentary that brings clarity to the story of the world's most misunderstood rock song. Considered by millions as the word's greatest party song, "Louie Louie" is a celebratory rock song that can be played by musicians and non-musicians alike.

THE MEANING OF LOUIE will gather the great stories, legends, mistruths, and facts to create a comprehensive overview unlike any other music documentary. When producer/director Eric Predoehl first met Richard Berry, author of the song, and Jack Ely, original vocalist of the band The Kingsmen, he learned some amazing truths behind this notorious song, and decided the time was right to produce the documentary of this cultural phenomenon. As the first person to petition the F.B.I. for previously-confidential files on the investigation of this controversial song, Eric Predoehl unearthed a wealth of information previously unseen.

This documentary features exclusive footage of songwriter Richard Berry, the Kingsmen, Jack Ely, Paul Revere & the Raiders, The Wailers, The Sonics, Jerry Garcia, Ray Manzarek, Dick Dale, Johnny Otis, Lemmy, and many other musical legends who agreed to share their comments about this infamous rock song.

Producer/Directors: Eric Predoehl, Jesse Block

Advisors: Dave Marsh, Jim Dawson, Steve Propes, Jeff Riedle, Frank Luft, Doc Pelzel, Pat Mason (RIP), Roger Hart, and many others (thanks!)

Principals: Richard Berry (RIP), Jack Ely, The Kingsmen, The Wailers, and more...

Production date: mid-1980s -current